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You have just discovered the mother load of information on the worlds most violent, bloody, gory, and downright grotesque video games of all time. Here you will find an ever growing collection of details and high definition media about video games that give the player the ability to maim, mutilate, and dismember enemies in a variety of ways. Every video game represented on this web site exhibits a respectable amount of consistent blood and dismemberment of characters throughout the game that satisfies ones lust for fictional slaughter. Whether it be a brand new advanced title or an old school classic, if it is a gory video game you will find it here regardless of platform.

What is the purpose of this web site?

We know you gore connoisseurs are out there and that is who this site caters to. When the impeccable urge to buy a gory game takes hold, there are three important attributes to reveal about it before purchase. These three aspects are physics, gameplay, and graphics. It takes a careful combination of these elements to make an truly enjoyable gory game that is worth spending time and money on. Gore lovers truly cherish games that you can take a shotgun and blast off a zombie's head into bloody bits, like in the Left 4 Dead series, or grabbing a katana and slicing your opponents into mincemeat like in the Ninja Gaiden series. Goretastic.com understands the love for these types of games and this web site is intended to help you find what gory games you will enjoy the most before spending your hard earned money on them.

Remember, video games are fictional.

Folks, please don't get the wrong idea about this web site. We are NOT a violent or murderous people in any shape or form and do NOT promote real life violence in any way. In fact, real life blood and gore is just atrocious! We only favor gory video games due to the admiration of the time, effort, art, and technology that goes into their creation. Parents, please don't contact us stating that your kids were disturbed by the content of this web site because, as clearly stated in the Terms of Use for this web site, this web site is for mature audiences only. This video game web site is NOT for kids!