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Take one smokin' hot blade toting vampire, add gallons of spurting blood and flying body parts, and you have the BloodRayne series. Rayne is arguably one of the sexiest blood sucking beasts in existence. You will spend most of your time slicing, dicing, and shooting the tar out of countless thugs, zombies, vampires, and even, much like the Wolfenstein series, a ton of Nazi scum bags. This is one game series that really delivers a whirlwind of gory goodness with very "tantalizing" visuals :-)

The gore in the BloodRayne series could easily be compared to that of a ground squirrel getting sucked through the blades of a lawnmower. Yea, this is some seriously messy stuff ranking right up there with the Prototype series and even dishes out more dismemberment than the Ninja Gaiden series. The blood effects are more than plenty and are presented very well. Blood can squirt, splatter, and pour on to virtually any surface. The dismemberment of character's bodies is also excellent and has many points of sectional damage continuing even after enemies have fallen. You can hack and or shoot off practically any part of your enemies body including heads, arms, hands, torsos, legs and feet thanks to a really decent physics engine called the "Infernal Engine". The dismemberment is pretty similar in both titles, but do make sure to use the cheat called "Gratuitous Dismemberment" for BloodRayne 2 to get the full gory experience.

The graphics are also well above par for its time. Few titles could top BloodRayne's visuals back in 2002. BloodRayne is one of the first games that really utilizes bump mapping nicely, which is a technology that allows textures to have visual depth. Reflections are also pretty realistic, especially in BloodRayne 2, and really gives blood and other smooth surfaces a nice shine.

The only thing that will really aggravate you in these games is the high level of unnecessary difficulty. Most of the time, the hardest part of the game is trying to figure out what you need to do to advance to the next area. It can drive you nuts on some parts, especially in BloodRayne 2, because the tasks that need completed are far from obvious. Also, textures of internal portions of severed limbs are rather low quality and blurry, which is unfortunate considering the amount of consistent dismemberment. There are also a few bugs in gameplay that can get you stuck in certain places.

Despite any little gameplay gripes, the BloodRayne series is definitely one that you do not want to miss. Just getting to admire Rayne's backside in her skin tight outfits alone makes it worth it. Not to mention the wide spread, blood drenched, limb scattering chaos that she inflicts. What's not to love?



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BloodRayne 2

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