Gamester's BTTF Collection Auction
January 22nd - 29th 2012
(Auction will be held on's Collecting Forum)

(This auction has closed and all items have been sold)

1984 Guess Marciano Gray and Blue Denim Jacket:
That's right folks, the holy grail of BTTF collecting, the correct model of Guess denim jacket! This is one of the few EXTREMLY RARE and damn near impossible to find Guess brand retail jackets in a Men's size small just like the one Marty wore in the first movie. In fact, these jackets are so rare that I am the only person that I know of in the thousands of people in the BTTF community that actually owns one. This jacket is in excellent condition with no rips, tears, or holes and only one minor blemish on the the back (see pics). The liner has not been modified and is the original all white with no inside pockets. Also included is the 3 very screen accurate pins, which are the rare original Art in Revolution pin, bass guitar pin, and my custom made boomerang pin!

1984 Guess Marciano Denim Jeans:
To match the jacket, we have the Guess jeans of the same year in a Men's size 32x30. These jeans are also in excellent condition with no rips, tears, or holes and are quite rare to find themselves, especially in this nice of shape. The triangle shaped Guess logo patch on the rear right pocket was even removed to be as screen accurate as possible.

1985 Nike Bruin Shoes:
Here we have a pair of very hard to find Nike Bruin leather shoes in a Men's size 11. The shoes are in pretty nice and hardly worn condition. However, due to some unfortunate chemical damage, the white material of the shoe is peeling on the sides and around the rubber base (see pics). This has overall weakened the shoes, so they would be best used for show instead of being worn. The Nike logo tongue tag and the Nike logo on he red heal area has been removed to be screen accurate.

1984 AWIA HS-PO2MKII Portable Cassette Player with Carrying Case, Headphones, & BTTF Soundtrack:
This cassette player is in immaculate condition and believe it or not, it still works 100%! These are very hard to find, let alone in actual working condition. I was playing the included BTTF soundtrack through my PC speakers just the other day and it sounded amazingly clear for a cassette player. You also get the original silver carrying case and a set of headphones.

1984 Casio CA-50 Calculator Watch with Display case & Owner's Manual:
This watch is 100% mint condition and amazingly is still running on its original battery! Along with this very rare brand new condition watch, you also get the original display case and manual that came with the watch! It even has the more rare original wrist strap with the metal clip instead of the plastic one, just like Marty's watch.

Reproduction Checkered Shah Safari Shirt, Red Faded Glory T-Shirt, and Suspenders:
This white checkered Shah Safari shirt was part of the very limited reproduction of the original shirt a couple of years ago. The Shah Safari is 100% screen accurate and in a Men's size small, as is the red Faded Glory t-shirt and suspenders.

Replica Grays Sports Almanac & Tales From Space Comic:
These are two very high quality replica paperbacks both in mint condition. The Grays Sports Almanac actually contains 50 years of sports statistics and the Tales From Space contains original comics and advertisements faithfully reproduced. You simply won't find better quality replicas of these books.

Custom Aviator Mirror Lens Sunglasses:
Since the actual sunglasses Marty wore on screen were a non-production promotional item, this is a pair of customized sunglasses to get as close as possible to the screen used ones. These are black aviator glasses with the correct style mirror lens. The plastic bridge on the top was custom made by myself to match the movie sunglasses.

Replica Cafe 80's Menus & BTTF Soundtrack Record:
These are 3 high quality replicas of the menus in the Cafe 80's. Also included is a mint BTTF soundtrack record.

Replica Doc's Plutonium Case:
Last, but certainly not least, is this very sturdy high quality replica of Doc's plutonium case. This case is made of heavy duty wood and metal and is built to last. This lockable latch box makes for an excellent storage place for all your precious BTTF items.

Good luck on the auction folks and I will see you on the forums.