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Clutch (Armageddon Riders)
Targem Games
Windows, XB360


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Clutch, or "Armageddon Riders" in Russia, is a vehicular racing/combat game where you are part of a group that races throughout a city whose occupants have been transformed into mutant zombies by heavy radiation due to a major mishap in the construction of a massive particle accelerator being built in the city. Now how is that for a story line, lol. Anyways, you basically take heavily modified vehicles of destruction on a rampage thorough the city by participating in races, demolition derbies, and a number of other types of events to earn money to upgrade your car and buy more cars. This is another one of those overlooked budget tiles that most people probably have never heard of.

The actual driving and racing of the game is a rather generic arcade style, but where the real fun lies is using your car as a weapon to take out horrids of zombie freaks. When you have cars with mods like pop-out "Wolverine style" side blades and a vacuum zombie blender that shoots out loads of bloody remains out your rear, you know there is fun to be had. One can not play this game with out it reminding you of the Carmageddon series. While these games are kind of similar, Clutch doesn't have quite the gameplay value of Carmageddon. However, when it comes to the joy of spattering zombies into bloody chunks at high speed to fill your boost meter, Clutch is the winner. The high quality graphics and texturing also greatly add to the experience. In fact, you can literally cake your car in gooey coagulated zombie blood so much that your wheels even get covered and your headlights turn red. Now that is just sick and too cool :-)

The only thing that is disappointing about the gore is that after you kill a zombie, even if it doesn't get splattered to bits, their body is just laying on the ground and it looses all interaction with other objects. This means that you can't even run them over or squish them at all any more after they are down. Also, the dismemberment is imprecise and pretty repetitive. Although the physics are rather lacking, just being able to have tons of zombies running around while you are cruising, racing, and having demolition derbies in death mobiles makes this game worth playing.

For some reason, it is really hard to get bored of using your car as a zombie destruction device all the while getting smeared with slimy zombie innerards. If you come accross this title definitely give it a go and enjoy the zombie slaughterfest.


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