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Even a vacation paradise isn't immune to the zombie apocalypse and Dead Island exemplifies this fact in spades. You will be facing off against an entire island filled to the brim with undead scum bags. If you're lucky, you just may find something laying around to bash some zombie skulls in with. Weapons range from anything from brass knuckles to head shattering shotguns. Choose from one of the four luckily immune characters and prepare for a survival challenge like none other.

The blood and gore in Dead Island will put a big smile on your face for sure. All limbs and heads can be severed in multiple areas. The most impressive feature of the gore is that you can literally beat the skin and muscle off of your enemies. You can even sever tendons apparently, which is rather hilarious to witness as you see zombies running around with their arms flapping about like wet noodles. Unfortunately, there actually isn't any torso dismemberment for some reason. You can cut a few chunks of meat off of torsos, which exposes semi-detailed organs, but it can not be further punctured or severed regardless of what weapon you have. Blood can splatter, as well as pool, on any surface and looks about as realistic as imaginable. Enemies can be dismembered after death, which makes melee action a real pleasure, but sadly zombies can not be dismembered by vehicles.

Graphics, environments, effects, and overall visuals look truly excellent. Enemy quantity and variation is plentiful as you rarely encounter identical enemies, even in a raid. Probably the biggest downfall of the game is getting and maintaining reliable weapons. Weapons are repairable as well as upgradable, but are no where near as readily available as in the uncannily similar Dead Rising series. This presents a big problem when so frequently surrounded by dozens of blood thirsty bastards. On top of that, most weapons are very weak and break after only a few swings. Even when you do eventually manage to find some guns, ammo is scarce, they don't do near the damage you would expect, and most can't even visually damage your opponents skin. This results in Dead Island being extremely difficult and a lot of enemies are just ridiculously hard to kill requiring dozens of hits or shots to be taken down.

You won't find as detailed gore or dismemberment as found in games like the Left 4 Dead series, but you certainly won't be disappointed by any means. Dead Island can be more than frustrating at times, however you really should give it a shot. Zombie bashing and slashing has never felt so good.


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