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Zombie slashing mayhem just doesn't get much more intense than the Dead Rising series. You will be fighting for your life against the most massive zombie onslaught imaginable. Believe it or not, DR2 can actually dish out in upwards of 7,000 on screen zombies at once! Luckily for you, there is definitely no shortage of weapons as you can grab practically anything laying around and bash some zombie heads with it.

Gore and dismemberment is quite remarkable in the Dead Rising series. You are able to slice or shoot off absolutely any part of your enemies bodies. All limbs and torsos can be severed with multiple points of separation. Damage precision is nothing short of amazing as, much like the Prototype series, you can slice your foes apart in every possible way. In fact, dismemberment is so extensive that if you have the right weapon, such as a lawn mower for example, you can literally turn zombies in to mulch. The coagulated blood looks pretty realistic and can be splattered on to any surface, including yourself as well as weapons in D2. Gore texture detail looks pretty decent, but internal gore is no where as detailed the Left 4 Dead series or Dead Island.

Unfortunately, enemies can not be dismembered after they have died and in D2 they disappear quickly after falling. This is actually a blessing in disguise because since there is such an insane amount of zombies you wouldn't even be able to walk around for long if they didn't disappear. Apart from the low detailed gore textures in both games, the only other technical annoyance is the blur effect in DR1. This funky motion blur effect makes it really difficult to see the gore as it happens and it can not be disabled. Fortunately, this is not an issue in DR2 as the blur effects can be switched off.

Capcom is certainly no stranger to zombie games, hence the world renowned Resident Evil series, and they have really perfected zombie slaughter in the Dead Rising series. From musical instruments to military grade weaponry, anything you can get your hands on can aid in your defense against the tremendous zombie horde while awaiting rescue. Not to mention, in D2 you can even build up your own custom combination weapons, such as strapping a couple chainsaws to a motorcycle, that can really add some creativity to your zombie massacring.

You owe it to yourself to give the Dead Rising series a go as it is definitely an experience you don't want to pass up. For maximum gore in this series, grab yourself a copy of Dead Rising 2 and indulge yourself in gooey zombie splattering bliss.


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