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What is the Goreometer?

The Goreometer is a rating system based on the maximum level of blood and gore realism that a game or game series exhibits. The more realistic the blood and dismemberment of the gore is the higher the rating. The final rating will also factor in the level of physics, gameplay, and graphics the game or game series represents for its time to keep things fair.

Level 1: Mediocre-
The game or game series exhibits at least some enjoyable amount of blood and dismemberment of characters. This may include just basic limb detachment and blood effects, passable physics and ok gameplay. The gore of this level is just barely enough to be qualified for listing on this site.

Level 2: Decent-
The game or game series exhibits nice blood effects, dismemberment, and maybe even some bloody chunks flying around. Not the most detailed gore, but still has a good physics, gameplay, and possibly even some sectional limb dismemberment.

Level 3: Exceptional-
The game or game series exhibits great blood effects, graphics, and dismemberment. Most likely has multi-sectional limb dismemberment and or severable torsos. May lack a little in physics or gameplay realism, but is well detailed and very satisfyingly gory.

Level 4: Impressive-
The game or game series exhibits excellent blood effects, graphics, and dynamic dismemberment. You will most likely be able to shoot or slice off most parts of your enemies anatomy with realistic physics and gameplay that really deliver a delightful gorefest.

Level 5: Goretastic-
The game or game series exhibits a highly detailed anatomy damage system with very realistic blood effects and graphics. All body parts can be shot or chopped into small pieces exposing bones and internal organs. Gives the player a feeling of realistic gruesome mutilation that you just can't get enough of.

Why are some videos in 4:3 aspect ratio while others are in 16:9?

While 16:9 widescreen video is preferred, most older games will only allow for a 4:3 standard screen display or will not display proportionally in 16:9 resolutions. If any game in a game series does not allow for a 16:9 aspect ratio then all games in that series will be recorded in 4:3 standard screen to maintain the integrity and consistency of the video. However, all our videos are recorded in HD or greater resolutions whenever possible to maintain excellent quality regardless of aspect ratio.

Why don't you overlay music in your videos?

This web site is all about showing it like it is. We feel that overlaying music on a game video takes away from the real feeling of the actual gameplay. If the game already has music as part of the gameplay it will be included in the video, but no additional music is added.