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Santa Monica Studio
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Santa Monica Studio
PS2, PS3
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There just isn't much more of a ruthless killer in existence than Kratos of the God of War series. In fact, our eponymous hero Kratos, an infamous demigod, doesn't just slay humans and beasts in the name of revenge, but also hunts down and slaughters the actual gods themselves. You will be spending most of your time slashing and ripping apart all sorts of enemies ranging from mere humans too monstrous beasts, not to mention colossal towering gods. As you might expect for the genre, your primary weapons are melee based, such as your main dual blade weapons called "Blades of Chaos". You will also find some projectile weapons such as the "Bow of Apollo" that come in quite handy. Be prepared to witness a man with the strength of a god reaching his utmost degree of ferocity.

Most of the blood and gore in the God of War series can be found in the fittingly named "Ruthless Kill" attacks of larger opponents. During these attacks you can perform maneuvers such as rip off heads, slice off limbs, chop torsos in half, and even pull eyeballs out of their sockets. However, unfortunately the actual gore of the puny human characters is not as detailed as one would hope. You can fully dismember human enemies, but are rather limited in detail and you have very little control over how they are dismembered. Also, enimeies can't be damaged afer death as they just dissolve away. The god kills are where the most brutal kills are at as some of these will leave you stunned by their greatness.

Much like the Mortal Kombat series and The Punisher, the most gory parts of the game are just interactive scripted events that don't utilize the gameplay physics. Although this is rather disappointing, especially being so repetitive, it is really hard to fret over the fixed animations when you have executions like slicing open the gut of a beast and tearing out its intestines as in GOWIII. Also, similar to X-Men Origins: Wolverine or the BloodRyane series, weapons do have power ups like "Nemesis Rage" that increase the intensity of gore and destruction for a limited time. Make it a point as well to never miss a cut scene as some of the most intense death scenes are contained within.

One thing that the God of War series does better than most is its simply breathtaking visuals. The graphics of any title in the series simply blow away most of its competition for its time. Taking full advantage of this aspect, Kratos is apparently quite the lady killer so keep an eye out for some excellently rendered disrobed females :-) As one would expect, the latest GOWIII has the most realistic graphics which not only bringing the blood and gore to life, but also the entire environment feels as if it lives and breaths. Actually, quite often the surface in which you walk is literally a vast living being.

The unique control system in the God of war series takes quite a bit of getting used to in order to master. It requires the reflexes of a house fly and the mind set of MacGyver to make it trough these games alive. The main reason for this control difficulty is that you have to press a series of certain buttons as well as make precise analog stick motions in order to take down more powerful enemies and bosses. This is by no means an easy task and even if you do get good at it you will still find yourself getting killed a lot due to cheap surprise attacks, especially from bosses, that can squish you in an instant. Also, the GOW series are the type of games that much too often leave you saying, "WTF am I supposed to do here?". Just trying to figure out what complicated tasks you need to complete in order to advance to the next area can burn hours of your life resulting in abnormally high blood pressure.

Despite the frustrations, all the titles in the God of War series offer some seriously rewarding gore; if you are willing to fight for it that is. Without a doubt, if you want the maximum gory carnage from this series, go get yourself a copy of God of War 3 and play it up.



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