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Grand Theft Auto III (GTA3)
Rockstar North
Windows, Mac, PS2, Xbox
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (GTAVC)
Rockstar North
Windows, Mac, PS2, Xbox
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTASA)
Rockstar North
Windows, Mac, PS2, Xbox
Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4)
Rockstar North
Windows, PS3, XB360

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If you're looking for some no holds barred open world world chaos, then the Grand Theft Auto series is the ticket. Few titles have stirred up as much high profile controversy about violence and sexual content in video games as the GTA games have. This series allows one to roam massive cities with a huge arsenal of weapons allowing for as much death and destruction as you see fit. This makes for some intense action as you will be up against not only the entire cities' police force, but also insane heat packing gangs and other criminal organizations that are on your ass as well. As the title implies, one of the best features of GTA is that you can literally steal any vehicle you please. You can swipe just about anything from sports cars to even military tanks in some titles in the series. There are a ton of missions, along with several side missions and mini games, in all GTA titles that allow you to explore every aspect of the game and will keep you busy breaking the law just for kicks.

As a side note, we are only going to be discussing the fully 3D titles of GTA here as the original GTA and GTA2 didn't have much of any gore to offer due to being 2D "top down" far away view games. GTA and GTA2 are now freeware and if you want to try them out you can download them totally cost free on Rockstar's website.

Strangely enough, the earliest fully 3D title in this series, GTA3, is actually the goriest GTA title of them all. GTA3 is the only game in the series that you can shoot off heads as well as arms and legs of enemies and pedestrians. However, on some platforms of GTA3 you do have to put in a cheat code to allow the full dismemberment. GTAVC and GTASA only allow for heads to be blown off and no other dismemberment is possible. Saddest of all, GTA4 doesn't have any dismemberment to be found. This was a big let down to a lot of fans as many were hoping to see a redefinition of realistic gore in GTA4 only to be deprived of it completely.

Fortunately, there are some pretty decent physics, gameplay, and blood effects in all games of the series. In fact, the blood spurting and splattering is about the only thing that keeps a somewhat feeling of gore in these games. Blood can pool on the ground and be tracked by foot and tires, which is pretty cool. GTA4 does have some level of skin damage from bullets on character's, but is not very precise or detailed.

The GTA series does offer a great mix of on-foot shooting action and vehicular mayhem, but all titles are rather lacking in the gore department. There are several other similar titles that have much more blood and gore to offer. If you are after a higher level of vehicular blood and gore, you may want to try games like the Carmageddon series or Clutch instead. If you are just after a more gory open world experience, give the Prototype series a shot.


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Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto IV

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