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Rockstar North
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The Manhunt series definitely isn't for the faint of heart. These games are all about sneaking up on your enemies and wasting them in the nastiest most gruesome way possible with a wide assortment of weapons. You can use anything from stuff laying around, like a shards of glass, to some pretty powerful guns. As you might imagine, much like Rockstar's well known Grand Theft Auto series did before it, the Manhunt series fueled an enormous amount of controversy due to its high level of violence, which is always a good sign for us :-)

The real gore in this series comes into play during the interactive execution scenes. You will get to see a LOT of decapitation and head splattering that never really seems to get old. Sadly, there is very little limb dismemberment in this series as most of the kills involve slicing, stabbing, and head/skull destruction. However, the shear violence and blood effects more than make up for it. One interesting concept is that each weapon has three levels of attack (quick, violent, and gruesome) which are triggered by how long you hold down the attack button while sneaking up to an enemy to make a kill. Manhunt 2 also brought environmental kills to the table, which are also highly entertaining to witness.

Unfortunately, the actual gameplay physics don't present much gore or dismemberment and even the most powerful guns can't blow off limbs, other than heads that is. The pace of the game is rather slow due to being a stealth attack based game series, but it does keep the anticipation for the kills high.

If you are in to execution style games, but want a bit more action, gore, and quicker pace, you may want to try a game like The Punisher instead. However, if you are in to stealth games with a gory twist, this is the game series for you.



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Manhunt 2


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