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Radical Entertainment
Windows, PS3, XB360


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The Prototype series truly takes open world chaos to a whole new level. The main protagonists are the product of the Blacklight virus which has transformed their bodies in to superhuman metamorphic killers out for revenge. Similar to other open world/sandbox games, such as the Grand Theft Auto series, you can roam the whole city and go anywhere your heart desires. However, your extraordinary inhuman aspects make getting around the city and taking out your enemies a very unique experience. Just some of your capabilities include high speed running, super strength, insanely high jumping, running up the sides of buildings, and morphing your arms into deadly melee weapons. The environment is highly destructible so you can annihilate virtually anything that gets in your way. Not to mention, you can also use other weapons ,such as rocket launchers, and even occasionally commandeer military vehicles.

The blood and gore in both Prototype games is practically identical, but Prototype 2 is a bit more detailed and has better effects. The gore and dismemberment are pretty dynamic and more than plentiful. When using your weapons, such as your claws or blade, enemies can be diced in about every way imaginable. You can slice bodies completely in to two pieces, vertically or horizontally, and surprisingly even diagonally! Although not very precise, all limbs and torsos can be dismembered in one way or another. The remains of destroyed foes do show some internal detail, like sections of organs and bones, but they are low detailed and barely even recognizable. Fallen enemies can not be further damaged or dismembered after death unfortunately, but there usually isn't much left of them anyways. There is no shortage of blood and it can be splattered on to most all surfaces. Some of your special moves, like erupting massive metallic spikes from the ground, can blast apart dozens of enemies at once showering the vicinity in dismembered debris.

It could be said that the best part of the gore in the Prototype series is its utter vastness. Any any given time while running about the streets, there can easily be in excess of a hundred pedestrians and or enemies in your presence. This means that when you decide to unleash your rage that it doesn't take long at all to litter the area in bloody body parts. This large scale slaughter delivers a feeling of power and destruction found in few games. You can also "consume" enemies to gain health and knowledge, which is an excellent display of brutality at its finest. When consuming an individual, you slice them in a number of violent ways and literally liquidate them for your absorption. Yea, good stuff indeed :-)

The Prototype series really delivers quality hack and slash/beat'em up action similar to that of the Dead Rising series or X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The physics engine is quite stable and the storyline is even pretty intriguing. Texture and model detail in Prototype aren't quite up to snuff when compared to other games of its time, but Prototype 2 definitely ups the visuals.

You really owe it to yourself to give the Prototype series a shot as it is simply too fun to pass up. So for full the gory splendor, grab yourself a copy of Prototype 2 and go make Manhattan a bigger mess than it already is.


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Prototype 2

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