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Volition, Inc.
Windows, PS2, Xbox


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When it comes down to shear brutal games, The Punisher takes the cake. Its not so much the violence and gore of regular gameplay, but the interactive interrogation scenes that really make this game gory. The execution scenes in this game would even make fans of the Manhunt series stomach's churn. Unfortunately, these scenes have a black & white overlay that makes them hard to see in most versions of the game. Although, there are several easily obtainable unofficial patches available for the PC version that remove the overlay to show the executions in detail, which has been applied for the demonstration video, that really adds to the enjoyment of the game.

However, since the executions scenes are obviously scripted, this game has pretty average gore for the regular gameplay physics. You can blow off arms, legs, and heads, but that is about it and textures are rather bland unfortunately. The rough appearance of the textures may be due to the fact that for some reason the Windows version of this game only allows for 16-bit color depth, which is substandard for a game of its time. You can also shoot off limbs after an enemy has fallen, which is nice, but it seems that you can only shoot off one body part sometimes, other times you can't at all. Shooting precision is also off a bit making kind of hard to shoot off particular limbs.

But seriously though, when you have executions like using a nail gun to pin a guy to a wall through his own eye sockets, any nit picky thoughts about minor gameplay quirks and the graphics seem to dissipate quickly. This is a really enjoyable third person shooter and this is one of the few games that let you dual up on most any weapon to take care of business with.

If you come across this title it is definitely worth a play through. Heck, it is worth playing through just to see all the highly creative executions and quick kills :-)



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Video Demonstration:

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