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Resident Evil (RE1)
Windows, PS1, SS, GC, Wii
Resident Evil 2 (RE2)
Windows, PS1, GC, DC, N64
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (RE3)
Windows, PS1, GC, DC
Resident Evil 4 (RE4)
Windows, PS2, XB360, PS3, GC, Wii
Resident Evil 5 (RE5)
Windows, PS3, XB360

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The Resident Evil series delivers the max amount of suspenseful apocalyptic terror that one can handle. You will find yourself wondering through dark seemingly deserted locations with the possibility of horrific death lingering behind each door. Tip toeing through massive mansions, abandoned police stations, and experimental laboratories are just some of the creepy environments you must venture through. Thankfully, you can acquire a tasty selection of weapons ranging from 9mm pistols to missile launchers that will help you to make the wide variety of undead monsters you encounter really dead. In order to survive you must be on your toes at all times or face grave consequences.

Much like the Manhunt series, most of the gore in the Resident Evil series centers around the destruction of your enemy's head. You can find full limb dismemberment in most of the RE games; however it is difficult to do and most enemies can just have their heads blown off only. In fact, even in the latest titles, RE4 and RE5, regular zombies have no dismemberment at all, apart from their heads, even when using uber powerful weapons. It is mainly just your larger less frequently seen adversaries that have limb dismemberment and most only have one point of separation with not much visible detail.

There is a small amount torso dismemberment in RE4, but it is only when using explosive weapons on some larger enemies and it is a rather rare occurrence. Blood effects are done nicely in all titles of the series for their times, but blood doesn't splatter on to surrounding surfaces as much as one would expect. Also, there is no dismemberment possible after your enemy has fallen in any RE game as they just disappear or dissolve away after death. Funny enough, it seems that in most RE games the scenes when your character is being murdered by your foes is where you will see some of the best gore in the games. So, don't be afraid of death as it can be rather rewarding, especially in RE4.

The biggest downfall in most of the Resident Evil games is the downright atrocious aiming system. With the exception of RE5, all RE games are nearly uncontrollable in terms of shooting and general movement precision. Third person shooter games generally aren't known to have the best aiming setup to begin with, but it is just poorly done in this series. You will find that the hardest and most frusterating part of these games is just simply hitting your target when and where you want to. On top of that, your line of sight is constantly being blocked by your enemies, items in environment, and in the case of RE5, even yourself as well as your partner.

Without a doubt, the strongest aspect of the Resident evil series is its superb graphics. When the original RE hit shelves back in 1996, it was like nothing we have ever seen before and gamers were simply astonished at how realistic the game appeared to be. The series also introduced large scale boss battles that set the stage for later games such as the God of War series. Also be prepared to receive some pant soiling scares that even put games like the F.E.A.R. series to shame. Games just don't get much more nerve racking than this.

If you are after a little fright with your zombie game, then the Resident Evil series is for you. RE4 will give you the most gore in the series, however there are many other third person shooter games out there, such as the Fallout or Dead Space series, that can offer much more gore for your money.


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Resident Evil

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