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Severance: Blade of Darkness (SBOD)
Rebel Act Studios


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Blade of Darkness is one of the first true fully 3D hack and slash games for the PC that really had some awe inspiring gore and mutilation. You can choose from four different character types, an Amazon, a barbarian, a dwarf, or a knight. Each character has their own different story line, location, and obtainable weapons which make for some good play value. All characters gain strength and combos as you progress to help take down stronger and multiple adversaries. There are also a wide array of enemies of different types for each quest, which keeps things interesting.

SBOD allows you chop off your enemies heads, arms, and legs with big ass swords and other weapons. It is highly entertaining to be able to chop up your enemies when they are helplessly laying down on the ground :-) There is surprisingly accurate sectional dismemberment, meaning you can sever all limbs in multiple areas. However, there is no torso dismemberment unfortunately.

SBOD is similar to Rune, which was made a year prior, as well as the even earlier Die by the Sword, but has much more realistic gore and dismemberment than either. It also has some pretty amazing blood effects for its day. Blood can squirt, pool, and even run down walls. Your character can also receive skin damage such as deep bleeding cuts, however they are just textures and are repetitive. Textures, lighting, and animations are well above par for a game of its time.

Blade of Darkness is one of the most satisfying hack & slash games ever made. This is just a great title to pick up and it will undoubtedly keep you chopping away at countless hideous villains for hours.



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