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Soldier of Fortune (SOF)
Raven Software
Windows, Linux, PS2, DC
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (SOF2)
Raven Software
Windows, Mac, Xbox
Soldier of Fortune: Payback (SOF3)
Cauldron HQ
Windows, PS3, XB360


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The Soldier of Fortune series is recognized by the masses to be one of the goriest video game franchises in existence. This series is all about seeking out the terrorists and blasting them to bits with a heavy arsenal of weapons. SOF2 is the most well known title in the series as it utilizes a highly detailed model damage and texture system that create a very realistically gory game.

In fact, SOF2 is so detailed you can shoot and or cut off parts of heads, arms, legs and even hands of characters down to the bone, even after enemies have fallen. It doesn't get much better that taking an uzi and chipping away at a terrorist's head, piece by piece, while watching his brains decorate the wall. Or blasting one in the gut with a shotgun and watching them die slowly while they try to hold their own intestines in. Yea, now that kind of stuff is just too damn good :-) You won't see much of any internal details, like ribs or organs, but the dismemberment of heads and limbs is truly astounding. The original SOF also had excellent gore and dismemberment for its time. However, the latest title SOF3 isn't exactly what fans of SOF and SOF2 were hoping for.

Unfortunately, SOF3 wasn't created by the original Raven Software developers, nor did it utilize the Quake series physics engine like its predecessors did. These differences are blatantly obvious when playing the game. However make no mistake, SOF3 is a very gory game with decent graphics and effects, but it just doesn't portray as much of an advanced model damage system as SOF2, or even SOF for that matter. Not to mention, the story line and voice acting are less than believable when compared to the first two titles.

Regardless of SOF3's shortcomings, all titles in the Soldier of Fortune series display a high level of gore that really delivers some great shooting action. There are many great first person shooter games out there with excellent gore, like the Left 4 Dead and F.E.A.R. series for example, but the SOF games are really hard to beat in terms of shear dismemberment. If you only pick up one game from this series, do yourself a favor and make it SOF2. You won't be disappointed!



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Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

Soldier of Fortune: Payback

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