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The Wolfenstein series is truly a milestone in video game history. Wolfenstein 3D is the first ever first person shooter game that defined the entire genre. In fact, later games like Doom and Rise of the Triad are directly based on its physics engine. Much like the Duke Nukem series, the Wolfenstein series has several ports, expansions, and side titles in the series, but we are just going to focus on the main stream titles that really define the series and have the most gore. What could be more fun than taking your favorite WWII weapons and blasting away horrids of Nazi scum bags? That is exactly what the whole Wolfenstein series is all about. The blood in these titles have always been rather decent for there time. Wolfenstein 3D may just have basic blood effects, but back in 1992 this game inspired awe among gamers and there was nothing else like it.

The later Wolfenstein titles bring some dismemberment to the table by letting you use grenades and other explosive devices to blast some dirty Nazis in to bloody chunks, which is a great sight to behold. However, even the latest title has pretty basic limb detachment with no other model damage to be seen. The wounds on your enemies bodies are just basic textures and even disappear if you shoot them enough, which is kind of a bummer. The blood effects are pretty cool and Wolfenstein 2009 makes a pretty nice presentation of it, especially when you take a sniper rifle and blast off a Nazi head or take an axe and hack off some Nazi limbs. Also, blowing up Nazis in zero gravity is very amusing (see video).

When it comes down to it though, the gore in the Wolfenstein series is pretty average and there are several other tiles that can top it. However, the physics and gameplay will keep you running through the levels and eliminating any Nazi trash you come across.


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Wolfenstein 3D

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