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X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Raven Software
Windows, PS3, XB360, PS2, Wii


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X-Men Origins: Wolverine has accomplished something that very few video games have. It is actually better than the movie it was based on! Now seriously, how often does that happen? The movie had very little blood and gore to offer, but never fear as you will definitely get your fill from the game. Just the fact that this game has the same developer and publisher as the astounding Solider of Fortune series is enough to send most gamers sprinting to their nearest GameStop. You play as Logan and venture through his past discovering how he came to be Wolverine. You spend your time tearing apart a large variety of enemies and bosses ranging from human soldiers to enormous beasts and even towering machines. Gameplay in general is very similar to that of the God of War or Prototype series. Your claws are your one and only weapon, but fortunately can be used in a numerous entertaining ways to keep things interesting. There are several power-ups like rage mode, similar to games like the BloodRayne series and Blade of Darkness, that give higher damaging strength to really shred your enemies. Luckily, there is just enough of a mix of attacks, enemies, and environments to keep you playing.

The gore system is where this game really shines. The best blood and gore in the game is actually when Wolverine takes damage from enemies. Wolverine has a very realistic damage model that is nothing short of amazing. You can actually see bullets and other projectiles blast right through the flesh and muscle on Wolverine's body while watching blood run out of the open wounds. Even slices from blades and other sharp objects are very precise and can cut deep into Woverine's innards. When Wolverine is heavily damaged, you can actually see his organs and bones. Not to mention, in true Wolverine fashion, all of his wounds gradually heal and you can watch internals and skin reconstruct in reverse of the way it was damaged. Yea, that is just beyond cool :-)

Then there is your enemies' damage system which is also excellent, but not nearly as detailed as Wolverine's. You can hack off all limbs with decent sectional dismemberment and even tear apart torsos. One thing that kind of stinks is that when you kill an enemy Wolverine looses all interactivity with their body. This means that even if you slice off an enemies' head at first blow and they are still standing up for a while that you can't chop them up or even touch them at all anymore. There is visible skin damage to enemies, but not to the degree of Wolverine's. The textures of damaged skin and severed limbs are good, but once again, nothing like Wolverine. The blood effects are superb for all characters and it looks and acts very realistically. There are also some excellently gory cut scenes and the opening sequence is one of the sickest ones in the game, so make sure not to skip any of them.

There is also a PS2 and a Wii version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but is severely lacking in the detail, gore, and physics departments when compared to the base platforms. Reduced graphic quality is to be expected on lower spec consoles, but it really takes from the gameplay and fun value. The Windows, PS3, and XB360 versions are labeled as "Uncaged Edition" meaning that they use the detailed blood, gore, and physics which are not present in the PS2 and Wii version.

The only thing keeping X-Men Origins: Wolverine from being a truly goretastic game is the fact that your enemies don't share the same advanced model and texture damaging system as Wolverine. If all characters shared this same level of realistic gore, this would have been one insanely gory game. Another weak point on all platforms of this title is that they all suffer from several bugs, texture loading issues, and random framerate fluctuations. Don't be surprised if you find yourself stuck in wall or falling infinitely down a black hole. Although highly frustrating, these few unpolished issues are intermittent and if your lucky you won't see too many of them.

Despite a the lower level of enemy gore when compared to Wolverine's, and a few technical glitches, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is definitely not one to miss. If you are in the mood for some seriously brutal hack & slash/beat'em up action then this is your game. Even if you are just an X-Men fan and want to see Wolverine pissed off at the highest possible level, it is money well spent.


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